Who we are

Eastcoast Disability Services Pty.Ltd. (EDS) is a contemporary service supporting those with additional support requirements to live a fulfilling life in a holistic manner.EDS provides a range of direct care support services to individuals and operational consultation services to organizations within the disability support industry. EDS is committed to providing high standard services delivered with integrity, professionalism and a person-centered approach. EDS is currently involved in the NDIS registration process and looking forward to being able to offer services to all NDIS participants while at this time we are able to provide the following support services to self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants along with self-funded individuals.

Our Vision

To become the provider of choice delivering high quality, contemporary support services in a holistic,
respectful and simplified manner in an environment that promotes and empowers those we support
to take ownership of their lives.

Our Mision

To make a positive impact in the lives of those we support while raising the standards of service delivery within the industry by respecting and empower all people we support to be their best version of themselves. We achieve this by supporting people in an inclusive environment creating engagement opportunities that benefits their lives whilst working towards becoming known as the provider of choice for people with a disability. We will achieve this through creative and responsive support services required to meet the needs and dreams of those we support by enhancing quality of life and individual outcomes.

Our Values


We Pursue Excellence In All That We Do. Providing High Standard Support Services Is Our Way Of Life.​


We respect and listen to the people we are privileged to support and engage with. We show people they are important to us and the community by how we speak, what we say and what we do.


We empower people to have a voice and work with them to understand the support need to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life in a manner that best suits them.


We Focus On The Positives In An Upbeat Manner To Enhance Both Skills And Confidence Making A Positive Difference In The Lives Of Those We Support​


We Value The Contribution Of People With Disabilities Within Organisations, Communities And The Workforce. We Recognise The Positive Benefits Creating Opportunities In These Areas For People To Grow.​


We Create And Respond To Innovative Practices That Will Enable Our People To Flourish. We Work With People In An Innovative Manner Whilst Embracing Out Of The Box Thinking And Methodologies.​


We Are Committed To Creating And Maintaining A Culture Of Teamwork And Collaboration With All Our Stakeholders And Families.​

Honesty & Integrity

Is The Driving Force In All That We Do, In All That We Say, In Allthat We Create.​


We Understand What Others Are Going Through And Are Here To Provide Support.​


We Stand By What We Do And Do Not Do For Which We Are Accountable.​


We Strive For Excellence Through Continuous Learning And Improvement.


We Understand What Others Are Going Through And Are Here To Provide Support.​