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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Being a part of the NDIS provides you with a wonderful opportunity to be supported in many areas of your life. If it is your first NDIS plan you may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start, having the ability to engage a Support Coordinator can make navigation the NDIS much easier. If you have an NDIS plan or are applying to become an NDIS participant you should consider having Support Coordination listed in your plan.

A Support Coordinator works with you to help find the services that you want and need to achieve the goals that are important to you. Support Coordinators work for you when required to help you find new services, Understand your NDIS Plan and its budgets, connect you with any therapists, equipment and services you need, look for somewhere to live while working towards achieving the goals that are important to you in your NDIS Plan.

You have the ability and right to choose the Support Coordinator that you want to work with. A good Support Coordinator will support you to choose a range of services that will help you become more independent whilst building life skills and confidence.


Support Coordinators help you to learn about and connect with services and supports within the community. Overtime this will help you develop knowledge, build self confidence and relationships within your community.

Support design

Works with you to understand your plan the funds available and how they can be used. Based on your confidence and skills, they help you identify what you want from your services.

Establish supports

To help you find and consider support options. When needed, a supports and action plan may be created to help you implement your plan. A Support Coordinator will get things up and running, based on what you have told them about your support requirements whilst making the most out of your plan.


Support Coordinators help you through times of crisis, develop capacity and resilience in your support network. Your Support Coordinator is your first point of call when things come up out of the blue. You are not alone.

Coach, refine, reflect

Support Coordinators help you prepare for your review and report on your achieved outcomes. They also can coach you through challenges that come up building skills and confidence to take the lead in your life.


If there is need for respite or short-term accommodation team EDS are able to work with you to find a solution. We are flexible in our approach and can accommodate most requests. Respite and Short-term accommodation are required for many reasons. Regardless of this reason our goal is to provide a positive and engaging experience in safe and happy environment. When booking in for respite or short-term accommodation we assess your support needs and also ask what you would like to do during your stay and where you would like to go. We have the flexibility to book accommodation in a variety of locations and styles including

– Cabins
– Hotels
– Air bnb
– Farm stays

Business to Business consulting

Eastcoast Disability Services offers Advice and Consultation Services to NDIS providers on a fee for service basis via TTF Services. We have experience advising independent support workers up to medium size providers in a vast range of areas. Services are tailored to your needs with scope of services and costings agreed upon before commencement. TTF Services specialize in advising independent and small scale NDIS service providers in the following areas

- Complete SIL set up
- Operational set up, advice, ongoing support
- Compliance
- Award interpretation
- Best practice
- Business planning
- Risk assessment
- Roster development
- After hours on-call support
- SIL Covert assessment and reporting.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and stand behind our areas of specialty. If we feel we are unable to advise you with your request we will tell you and assist you to find the right advise.